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Connector Tubes

The connecting pipe is a hose made of polyvinyl chloride, which is composed of a hose and a hose joint, and can be used for connecting with a vacuum absorber in vitro.
Connection tube instructions
1. This product needs to be connected to the suction connection pipe and used with the suction device.
2. When performing the operation, open the small package, take out the suction head, connect the suction head joint to one end of the suction connection tube, and connect the other end of the suction connection tube to the suction device to open the suction device to generate a certain negative pressure. Under the suction of the negative pressure, the water, the residual liquid, the blood water and the like in the patient's body are sucked clean by the suction head; when the suction head with the hole is attracted, the hole needs to be pressed with the thumb, and the The loose and tight hold of the hole controls the suction speed.
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