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CT Syringes

Modern enhanced syringes are computer-controlled, with multiple sets of stages that can be memorized. The syringes are “disposable syringes” and are equipped with a connecting tube of sufficient length to be injected while scanning. .CT syringe has the advantages of high automation and high precision. It can adjust the bolus rate according to different parts and different lesions. It can quickly inject iodine contrast agent into arteries and veins, distribute it in blood vessels, and perform CT at the same time of injection. Enhance scanning and improve the rate of disease diagnosis.
The use of high-pressure syringes in CT-enhanced scanning is simple, saves time and effort, and reduces the amount of contrast agent. However, because of different conditions in different parts of the body, when using a high-pressure syringe, it is necessary to adjust the flow rate, flow rate, and pressure according to the inspection site.
Because of the special medical high-pressure syringe, it needs to be in direct contact with the human body. In order to ensure the safety of the product to the human body, the basic medical high-pressure syringe requires a second-class medical device.
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