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MRI Syringes

Advantages of MRI syringes:
The key to dynamic scanning is to accurately grasp the scanning time after injection. The high-pressure syringe can effectively control the injection dose, speed and time of the contrast agent, and provides an accurate time basis for selecting the contrast agent to enter the heart from the peripheral vein to the artery, so that an appropriate time scan can be selected to obtain different tissues and organs, and different blood vessels. Dynamic image.
Artificial injection preparations have a certain time interval from the completion of the injection to the scanning of the lesion, so it is difficult to obtain a true arterial phase image. In addition, the hand-push injection speed is inconsistent, relatively slow, the speed is difficult to control, blood flow, contrast agent signal fluctuations, and it is easy to produce the illusion of overlapping, shifting and the like.
The MRI high pressure syringe avoids the delay of manual injection, enhances the enhancement and provides an accurate basis for diagnosis and scientific research.
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