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High Pressure Syringes

With the rapid development of the impact of the cause, CT began to be accepted by many people, and in CT scans, the addition of CT is essential, and the medical high-pressure syringe can make the CT scan of the CT room faster.
The medical high-pressure syringe can be used for contrast injection during angiography, and can also be used for contrast injection during CT imaging.
The high-pressure syringe is a commonly used instrument in the interventional department. It is relatively simple to use. It only needs to set the speed, the total amount and the pressure to enter the work. The high-pressure syringe is used for scanning. The operation is convenient and fast, and a clear scanned image can be obtained.
The use of high-pressure syringes in CT-enhanced scanning is simple, saves time and effort, and reduces the amount of contrast agent. However, because of different conditions in different parts of the body, when using a high-pressure syringe, it is necessary to adjust the flow rate, flow rate, and pressure according to the inspection site.
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