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Disposable infusion industry booming
Mar 04, 2017

Disposable infusion set is mainly used for intravenous infusion after aseptic processing, establishment of vein and the liquid channel common disposable medical supplies. Usually consists of intravenous needles, protective cap, fluid hose, liquid filter, flow rate regulator, drip pot, Cork puncturing, intake manifold air filter connections. Traditional infusion with PVC as raw material production, high-performance polyolefin Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is considered to be the production of disposable infusion set safer and high-performance materials. Now there is a material does not contain DEHP, is engaged in a national promotion. The product and supporting the use of disposable intravenous needles, mainly used for gravity transfusion. Under atmospheric pressure, the liquid in a bottle down the thin fluid hose into the bucket drops, when drops of water column pressure greater than venous pressure, and bottles of liquid along the tube into the vein.
2011 infusion in China number more than 200, industry brands have more than more than 300. Disposable infusion brand competition, industry gross margin less than 10%, and an important reason for this is the impact of cheaper products on the market. Disposable infusion, injection products price war reflects the intensity of competition in the industry. Because the production of disposable medical devices is not high technology content, making the investment required is not very big, so it is not a very high barriers to entry in the market resulting in a large number of companies entering the field.