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Infusion set to strict aseptic technique, note that incompatibility
Mar 04, 2017

(1) disposable infusion set using strict aseptic technique, attention to the incompatibility, will easily lead to incompatibility of two sets of liquid separated from other liquids. Incompatibility notice to observe and record produce drugs, such as left-ofloxacin injection and compound danshen injection and tobramycin injection with cefoperazone and sulbactam sodium for injection and so on, these drugs can produce turbidity, precipitation and even plug the tube causing fear, resentment, resulting in unnecessary disputes;
(2) when you use double precision filter transfusion, patient or accompanying itself off liquid replacement clamp, which Mao Philippines dropper liquid level too low or drop empty. Told the attendant encounters such a situation must be bedside Bell or rush to find nursing staff to handle, smooth infusion by the nursing staff to air exhaust. Our infusion Shi Maofei dropper liquid should come to more than 2/3 full and timely inspections are too low increase of level;
(3) when the input 250-500 ml of fluid should not be used in patients with double-head precision infusion, even application and do not use the second bag liquid dosing and hang up prematurely;
High material requirements of precise filtering infusion apparatus. At present, there are 3 kinds of filters on the market. A, polyether sulfone film. High cost of PES membrane structure consists of two layers of PES membrane, a layer of polypropylene, high adsorption and adsorption of drugs. Second, fiber membrane. Fiber costs are relatively low, arranged messy, irregular aperture, the filtration precision is low. Third, the nuclear membrane. Nuclear track membrane is relatively low, even holes, filter diameter is too large, causing large particles, resulting in the filtering rate is not qualified. Four, ion-exchange membrane. Spatial distance and aperture size, hydrophobic membrane warp-proof shed, on drug absorption.