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Much use of disposable infusion introduction
Mar 04, 2017

1 Smart broken ampoule
Methods: sterile disposable infusion set. Use scissors to cut out the Murphy's dropper top and cut out the whole Eyedropper to disinfect for use. To break the ampule saw better disinfection, gently in the ampoule head in Murphy's drop tube broke off.
Advantages: simple production methods, prevents the hands from being scratched.
2 using infusion sleeve
(1) method: IV exhaust or changing liquids, liquid overflow from the vent found, reflexed will vent plug on the Cork trocar sleeve can be, can be observed in intravenous infusion liquid overflow at any time decide whether removed Cork trocar sleeve.
Advantages: can effectively prevent liquid leakage, easy care.
(2) the method in clinical practice, every time when you use a disposable infusion set, discarded needles protected under the guise of reservations. Infusion set needles protect condoms in ophthalmic instruments-tip, and then into the aluminum box disinfection and alternate.
Advantages: simple and practical, can protect the sharp instrument tip is injury.
(3) methods: infusion needle is connected the hose sections with scissors once burned on his head.