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Production of disposable infusion materials
Mar 04, 2017

Disposable infusion set is mainly used for intravenous infusion after aseptic processing, establishment of vein and the liquid channel common disposable medical supplies. Disposable infusion by needle, helmet, infusion tube, liquid filter, flow rate regulator, drip Cup, Cork puncture, intake manifold air filter connections. Traditional infusion with PVC as raw material production, high-performance polyolefin Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is considered to be the production of disposable infusion set safer and high-performance materials. Now there is a material does not contain DEHP, is engaged in a national promotion. Disposable infusion set used with disposable intravenous needles, mainly used for gravity transfusion.
Of precise filtering infusion apparatus to prevent liquid insoluble particles larger than 5 microns in diameter into the body to reduce transfusion-induced peripheral vascular embolization, organized Granuloma, phlebitis, tumors, cancer-causing reactions such as damages. Its infusion filter medium aperture usually 15 microns, particles hardly interception less than 15 μm in diameter, and liquid the particles larger than 10 μm in only about 1%, particles less than 10 microns was about 98%, adverse reactions and long-term effects of infusion is inevitable. Infusion of insoluble particles can cause peripheral vascular embolization, organized Granuloma, phlebitis, tumors, and may even cause the carcinogenic response.