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Since the need for syringes
Mar 04, 2017

1 the concept of safe injection and unsafe injection
Safe injection refers to accept users harmless, makes injection operation of healthcare workers exposed to avoidable risks, injection after injection of waste without doing harm to environment and others. Unsafe injection does not follow the required injections are unsafe injections, mainly refers to syringes, needles or they are not sterilized and reused in different patients.
2 the performance of unsafe injection
Injection recipients faced unsafe injection
In China, the safe of injection, the situation is not optimistic, many grass-roots medical institutions, it is difficult to be a person, a needle, a pipe, a used, disinfection and disposal, often directly reused the same needles and syringes or needle exchange is not only changing needle, easy shot these people. Using unsafe syringes and unsafe injection practices, as hepatitis b, hepatitis c and other blood-borne diseases spread ...