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Syringes extension feasibility analysis
Mar 04, 2017

1, definition:
Since destroyed type syringe is using Hou can prevent repeat using of one-time syringe products, type diverse, in injection finished Hou, rely on manual or mechanical power, makes putter cannot from syringes within taking, reached since lock, or piston of sealed performance was damage, or syringe of putter can was inferred, or is needles automatically back shrink to putter within, eventually reached prevent repeat using of purpose.
2, since syringes
Syringes greatest advantages is to put an end to the repeated use of syringes to reduce the possibility of cross infection of infectious diseases. Some types of syringes (needle-retraction) can further reduce recycling waste syringes needle injuries, to further protect the safety of patients and medical staff.
3, market capacity
According to the industry data: 2010 total disposable syringes in China has exceeded 13 billion, the export ratio of 3:7, production in 2011 is expected to reach 15.016 trillion. Disposable syringes in China annual growth for some time in the future are expected to maintain a growth rate of around 20% to grow. According to the United States per capita annual consumption level 25 syringes, with the development of China's medical industry, 12.5 per capita considerations, demand should reach 17.5 billion per annum needs. Since the birth of syringes is designed to gradually replace the traditional syringe, only United Nations Children's Fund on the international procurement of syringes per year will reach 2 billion (vaccination).