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The invention and use of syringes
Mar 04, 2017

As early as the 15th century, the Italians the injector principle is called kadineier. But not until 1657 English Boyle and Ryan for the first human trials. King Louis XV of France 16 (1774-1792) Army Surgeon Abel had conceived of a piston syringe. But generally considered France's pulawozi was the inventor of the syringe. In 1853, he produced a syringe is made of silver, only 1 ml capacity, and has a threaded piston rod.

Britons Alex first using a glass syringe. Transparency of glass, you can see the injected drugs. Glass tubes made of metal with a syringe, can be sterilized by boiling, needles can be sharpened and sterilized. Syringes made of plastics for now, that is used one time throw away, greatly reducing the risk of infection when injected. In order to guarantee hygiene, prevention of cross infection, syringes, the use of contemporary plastic.

But ordinary disposable plastic syringes would be repeated by unscrupulous businesses easier recycling, this recycled syringes after processing there is a greater risk of infection and, therefore, new syringes--self-destructing syringes came into being.

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