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To change for the medical device industry innovation
Mar 04, 2017

First, China medical devices enterprise strength lacks, especially research personnel and underfunded became effect medical devices industry development of main factors; second, domestic medical devices technology more abroad advanced level also has larger gap, some medical devices products of standard even far below national standards, for technology caused of medical devices quality problem in full industry compared highlight; also, lack well-known brand of problem also great restricted has China medical devices industry of development.
Reform of China medical device review and approval system, and actively promotes innovation in the field of medical devices, and constantly improve our industry's overall level, is the objective requirement of the industry. In fact, our innovation in recent years, was very active in the field of medical devices, approval procedures relating to the reforms have also been carried out. For example, food and drug administration in 2014, has been publishing innovative medical devices special approval procedures, the establishment of innovative medical devices priority channel, in line with several products to be approved, such as the invention of the applicants has the core technology products in China patent and related product works or mechanism for domestic initiatives, product safety or effectiveness and related products have a significant advantage, and so on.