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All Glass MRI Syringes Are Environmentally Friendly
Oct 12, 2017

The MRI Syringes is a common medical device, as early as the 15th century, the Italian Katignell put the principle of the syringe. It consists of a syringe with a small hole at the front end and a matching piston rod. It is mainly used for injection of liquid or liquid.

As early as the 15th century, the Italian Cartier made the principle of MRI Syringes. But it was not until 1657 that the British Boyle and Rennes had their first human test. French King Louis XVI (1774-1972 reign) military surgeon Abel has also envisioned a piston syringe. But generally believed that the French Pravorz is the inventor of the syringe. He produced in 1853 MRI Syringes are made of silver, the capacity of only 1 ml, and a threaded piston rod.

British Ferguson first used a glass syringe. Glass transparency is good, you can see the injection of drugs.

All glass MRI Syringes are not eliminated. Traditional glass MRI Syringes can be used as long as they are sterilized by high temperature and high pressure and are stored in the correct way.

Because the use of traditional MRI Syringes to spend a lot of manpower and resources to do disinfection, storage, collection, distribution and other work, as a one-time syringe easy to use, so the vast majority of hospitals have not used this traditional syringe. From an environmental point of view. Or glass syringe better.