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Best Practices For Venous Blood Collection
Mar 04, 2017

Each step in the blood will affect the quality of the specimen, it is to prevent laboratory errors, an important measure for patient injury and even death. Blood collection will also bring risks to health care workers.
Blood sampling using large hollow needle puncture and intravascular blood into it. Needles can carry large amounts of blood, in case of an accident with acupuncture, may more easily than other sharp spread disease. Acupuncture can increase caused by the spread of blood-borne diseases including viral hepatitis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, caused by bacteria, such as syphilis and the parasite that causes malaria.
This guide outlines a simple but very important, to make blood safer operation. This guide through the promotion of best practices for blood collection, aimed at improving the quality of blood samples and blood safety aspects of patient care and quality.