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Characteristics Of Adhesion Test Of High Pressure Syringes Syringes
Jun 07, 2017

Disposable High Pressure Syringes injector body adhesion testing machine is a professional for testing a variety of pharmaceutical packaging materials, mechanical properties of the instrument; its high accuracy (0.5) to ensure the accuracy of the test; Independent test procedures, a variety of specifications force sensor, and tensile compression bidirectional test mode, to meet the user's various test needs.

Characteristics of disposable High Pressure Syringes injector body adhesion test machine:

1, professional - professional for testing a variety of pharmaceutical packaging materials mechanical properties of the instrument, a test machine integrated medical equipment, foam compression, stretching, stripping and other 17 kinds of independent testing procedures, to provide users with more Selection of test items.

2, smart - Labthink using the latest research and development of embedded computer system platform, with Labthink latest operating software, user-friendly interface and intelligent data processing functions; the same time, in the LAN environment, also supports Lystem Laboratory data sharing system, unified management test results and test reports.

3, the application of rich - equipped with more than 100 different sample fixture for the user to select more than 1000 kinds of materials to meet the test requirements; for user material differences, Labthink also provides customized services to meet the needs of different users of the test.

Disposable High Pressure Syringes injector body adhesion test machine application description:

Tensile strength, squeeze test, blood collection seal, rubber plug pull force, jelly cup / yogurt cup opening force, tensile strength and deformation rate, cap pull out force, tape solution force, pants tear force , The separation force of the protective film, the pulling force and the elongation, the connecting force between the needle and the needle, the separation force of the release paper, the opening force of the combination cover, the peel force of the tape 90 degrees, the tear strength, the skin puncture puncture force, Force, rope pull force, 90 degrees magnetic card stripping force, heat sealing strength, rubber plug puncture force, make-up brush bristle pull force, toothbrush bristle pull force, tilt 23 degrees cap pull force, 90 degree peel strength, Ampoule breaking force, oral liquid cap tearing force, binding sheet tear force, floating roller peeling force, 180 degree peel strength, piston sliding performance, fixed tensile strength, body adhesion, plastic container external pressure seal Sex

Disposable High Pressure Syringes injector body adhesion test machine test principle:

The high-pressure syringe clamps the specimen between the two chucks of the fixture, and the two chucks move relative to each other. Through the force sensor located on the moving chuck and the built-in displacement sensor of the machine, the force value changes during the test And displacement changes, so as to calculate the various mechanical properties of the sample.