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Comment On Pricing And Quality Of Disposable MRI Syringes
Sep 26, 2017

Disposable sterile MRI Syringes, the factory price between 0.15-0.3. Self-destructive MRI Syringes ex-factory price is also between 0.25-0.5 yuan, and some even higher.

Why is the price so much difference? The price is also low to rumors, up to several times the difference?

The largest amount of 5ML MRI Syringes from the industry before the low-cost crisis caused by a hair 2, a hair three low-priced MRI Syringes, mainly to do the export of the lowest three or four MRI Syringes.

Or more safe and high standard self-destruct syringe, such prices are also 0.5 yuan.

Disposable MRI Syringes production costs are also about 0.18 each, we can choose some of the lowest in the 0.23 such MRI Syringes, the use of safety is also more assured.

I advocate the use of disposable self-destructive MRI Syringes, improve the entire safety standards, the price should be 0.3 yuan, the trend is that the disposable self-destruct syringe will gradually replace the ordinary syringe, widely used in small and medium-sized hospitals, used in vaccination among. Life off the day, not a trifling matter, from the beginning of the procurement should be strict checks on the quality and safety of disposable MRI Syringes.

Days was the flow of electricity with you to focus on product quality issues!