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CT Syringes Full And Effective Safety Design
Jun 07, 2017

CT syringes is a common medical device, as early as the 15th century, the Italian Katiniel put forward the principle of syringes. Mainly used to inject liquid or liquid. Syringes can also be used for medical equipment, containers, such as some of the scientific instruments in the chromatography through the rubber diaphragm injection. The injection of gas into the blood vessels will cause air embolism. Remove the air from the syringe to avoid embolization by inverting the syringe, tapping lightly, and then squeezing a little liquid before injecting it into the bloodstream.

The CT syringes is an automatic infusion system that meets all CT enhancement requirements. The maximum rate of contrasting agent is 9.9 ml / s. Multiple stages of injection can be selected. Interval intervals can be set for each stage. The maximum pressure setting is provided to ensure safety. The input / output interface can be designed to set the delay time and Bit control switch selection and CT linkage control mode, you can save multiple sets of injection procedures.

CT syringes and effective safety design

● precise control of injection speed and dose;

● CT syringes the pressure limit to ensure that the pressure when the injection within the safe range;

● CT syringes control push injection, reduce harmful radiation to the operator;

● To confirm the exhaust air before the injection.

Product Operating Instructions:

easy to use 

● large and true color display, graphic text interface intuitive eye-catching;

● designed to operate the function keys, the least key to achieve the function;

Humanized structure

● The rack can be moved flexibly and placed in the most suitable position.

● Add accessory tray, place extension tube, bottle and so on.