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Experience In Operation And Nursing Of High Pressure Syringes
Jul 01, 2017

Operation and Nursing Methods of High Pressure Syringes in CT Enhanced Scan. METHODS: A retrospective analysis of 579 patients underwent spiral CT enhanced scan with non-ionic contrast media was performed. Results: There were 563 cases (97.24%) of patients with complete diagnosis of CT and those who did not respond to CT, and 15 cases (2.59%) suffered from allergy and 1 case (0.17%) failed Complete check. Conclusion: High Pressure Syringes have the advantages of high automation, high precision, flexible use and other advantages, coupled with patient patiently and meticulous psychological care, skilled puncture technology and a high sense of responsibility, can reduce the psychological and physical pain of patients, Quality of CT enhanced scan image examination results.

With the continuous development of MR imaging technology, enhanced MR can improve tissue resolution, get higher quality images, can provide more morphological and physiological and biochemical information. In particular, the application of magnetic resonance enhanced scanning High Pressure Syringes, the angiography, breast examination, the dynamic changes in the liver and the perfusion of the skull has a great advantage.

Discussion on the Application of MR High Pressure Syringes in Enhanced Scanning. Methods The group of 600 patients, aged 46-78 years, mean 64 years, including 114 males and 486 cases of women. Using the German Ulich magnetic resonance High Pressure Syringes and contrast agent GD-DTPA. Results 589 patients in this group completed successfully (98%), 2 patients with poor angiography (0.3%), 5 patients had fluid leakage failure (0.8%), 3 patients due to contrast agent tube tip exposed liquid There was an air alarm (0.5%), and 1 had to be re-installed (0.1%) due to leakage of mercury pipelines. All patients did not show any discomfort. Conclusion The use of magnetic resonance High Pressure Syringes can effectively check the quality of MR, MR test is one of the key success.