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Fault Analysis And Maintenance Of High Pressure Syringes No Injection
Jul 11, 2017

High pressure syringes in the medical imaging department is very widely used, is DSA, CT, MRI and other large equipment is one of the essential equipment. Especially the heart, the aorta and other DSA need the pressure, you must use High Pressure Syringes. Although the number of equipment, but each operating room is only equipped with a High Pressure Syringes, the use of the process will inevitably fail, in the face of the number of patients for a long time, how to quickly repair equipment, improve efficiency is particularly important. Combined with the author's many years of experience, is now similar to the domestic reports, typical and hidden fault of the maintenance described below.

1 fault phenomenon

This unit is selected Mark V ProVisTM type high pressure syringes, large digital subtraction equipment imaging technology (APR) Select peripheral subtraction mode, Mark V can be normal injection, APR choose ventricular or large blood group Note the case can not be normal injection, After only 2 ~ 5 ml advance, Mark V stops running and the device has no error message.

2 check analysis

According to the above fault information, the first thought is the APR choice on the issue, in the heart mode to re-high-pressure injection, view digital subtraction equipment Integris CV operator panel, no error information, the initial judgment of the high pressure injection and digital subtraction Device irrelevant.

Followed by analysis of whether linked with the linkage, carefully check the linkage line, no damage, breaking the phenomenon, try out from the linkage injection, the same APR peripheral, heart mode, different injection conditions, peripheral mode can be normal injection, heart mode is still only a small amount injection. At the same time due to close operation injection, found that the high pressure injection panel can not be completed normally when the injection, Mark V operation control panel on the dialog box briefly display "UNIT DISARMED 05". Check the operation manual, 05 on behalf of the "pressure protection sleeve", then check the pressure thick-walled sleeve, found a slight crack, replace the pressure sets, re-injection, the fault still exists.

The device has been used for more than 6 years, are used by hand, personal responsibility, strict rules and regulations and other systems, before there has not been any failure, and the fault is weird, access to a large number of information and telephone consultation manufacturers, no similar Happening.