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High Pressure Syringes Enhancement Effect Is Better Than Hand-push Method
Jul 21, 2017

(1) in strict accordance with the operating procedures, do iodine allergy test: a detailed understanding of the patient, asked patients with or without a history of allergies, while patients need to sign the child to accept iodine volunteer book. For elderly patients and critically ill patients to strengthen supervision. Second, we must do a good job of elderly patients with psychological care, with the patient's cooperation, the patient can be scanned at the side of the patient care. According to the patient's age, severity, blood vessel size, inspection site and diagnostic requirements to determine the injection rate, critically ill patients, high risk factors, such as elderly, infants and young children with small patients should be appropriate to slow down the injection rate.

(2) High Pressure Syringes to enhance the scope of the scan: no serious cardiovascular disease, severe lung disease and new brain injury patients are applicable. For safety reasons, we use non-ionic contrast agents, but also have an allergic reaction, the vast majority of light and moderate reactions. Rescue the patient, the key is to promptly find timely rescue.

(3) to prevent intravenous injection leakage: the use of High Pressure Syringes contrast agent injection speed, strong impact on the blood vessels, easy to cause contrast agent leakage, leakage caused by large areas of subcutaneous soft tissue swelling, and due to contrast agent concentration High, osmotic pressure, slow absorption, leakage affect the diagnosis of quality, increase patient suffering, so before injection to ensure that the needle in the blood vessels, fix the needle, and try to push a few milliliters, to determine no leakage before starting injection The

In order to ensure that the contrast agent through the high flow rate, can not be punctured below the venous valve, because the venous valve in the rapid injection of resistance, it is prone to swelling. Special note is whether the winter patients wearing high-elastic tights, cuff tightening is to prevent the rapid passage of contrast agent through the formation of a reason for leakage.

(4) local leakage phenomenon: immediately stop the injection, replace the injection site, raise the limb with 50% magnesium sulfate cold, usually 24 hours after the symptoms to reduce or disappear, severe local swelling, vesicular necrosis of vascular edema Etc., in addition to the use of magnesium sulfate wet, the oral dexamethasone, phenergan and other anti-histamine drugs, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective treatment.

With the development of clinical medicine, especially the use of multi-slice spiral CT in clinical application, hand push method is far from meeting the clinical requirements. In contrast, High Pressure Syringes enhancement effect is significantly better than hand-push method, should choose High Pressure Syringes, but to strengthen the preventive measures, the possible occurrence of allergic reactions to timely detection and timely treatment.