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High Pressure Syringes MR Enhanced Scanning Introduction
Jul 01, 2017

High Pressure Syringes as medical imaging systems in the auxiliary equipment, with the X-ray machine, quick film machine, image intensifier and artificial contrast agent and the development of the gradual emergence. In the 1980s, there was an automatic syringe for angiography, and Jonsson et al. Invented the stainless steel High Pressure Syringes using the lever principle. Soon after, Ake Gilund invented the first High Pressure Syringes and two-way film changer and applied In angiography. Now, High Pressure Syringes have been widely used in a variety of angiography, CT enhanced angiography and MR enhanced scan.

OBJECTIVE: To understand the relationship between the heating time of the High Pressure Syringes warming device and the contrast agent temperature, and select the CT to enhance the optimal time of injection and reduce the side effects and discomfort. Methods Two different types (Ⅰ, Ⅱ) high pressure syringes extraction temperature were 20,22,24 ℃ contrast agent 100ml, placed after the temperature device after the time, respectively, at 2,5,10,20,30,40,50, 60,80,100,120min after the measurement of contrast agent temperature and record. Results The same conditions, the type Ⅰ High Pressure Syringes contrast agent by the warming device after heating temperature is higher than Ⅱ; Ⅱ type high pressure syringes for at least 60min curing agent temperature can reach 32.5 ℃; temperature at 20,22,24 ℃ Contrast agent application type Ⅰ high pressure syringes warming device heating time to 36 ℃ time is 100,80,60min. Conclusion The contrast agent in type Ⅱ High Pressure Syringes can not reach the same or close to human temperature within 2 hours after heating by the warming device. When the High Pressure Syringes warming device is used, the contrast agent can not reach the best injection temperature in a short time. Syringe warming device, the temperature at 20 ~ 24 ℃ contrast agent heated to the same or close to the human body temperature required for at least 60 ~ 80min.

MR enhanced scan:

Magnetic resonance high pressure syringes is designed for use with magnetic resonance imager, can work in a strong magnetic field environment. Since the osmotic pressure of the magnetic resonance contrast agent is lower than that of the iodine contrast agent, the total amount of the contrast agent injection required is also small, so it is safe to enhance with the high pressure syringes. Application of magnetic resonance high pressure syringes can accurately preset the enhancement site, injection speed, angiography lump sum and delay time. And the application of high-pressure syringe is conducive to the realization of fast breath-hold scanning.