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How To Prevent The Infusion Sets For Single Use Are Recycled
Mar 04, 2017

Since the provision was one-off, then surely there is a reason, disposable infusion drug residues after use, these are likely to have some problems, so provision is focused on these disposable infusion device to recycle. Here said the news of hospital cleaning staff who secretly sending medical waste to recycling stations, although these are all medical waste cannot be recycled, but due to the interest trend, still makes a lot of trash his boss adventures.
So how do you do anything to prevent this phenomenon. Here hospital, units on can using measurement recycling system to control, set hand is responsible for Sentinel recycling work, using Hou of one-time medical supplies not for "one-on-one" inventory Exchange, as reduced personnel and using Hou of one-time medical supplies of too much contact, we will common of syringe, and infusion device for measurement, to the units measurement and hospital of annual purchase number multiply, proceeds total and recycling number for compared, I hospital one-time medical supplies of total below recycling volume 15%~20%, The reason for this lies in the recovery of part of the disposable medical supplies with residual liquid after, it may weigh more than the hospital purchase volume. So you can avoid disposable infusion device and medical waste was recycled.