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How Use Of Precision Infusion For Single Use
Mar 04, 2017

The principle of precision infusion for single use:
Under atmospheric pressure, the liquid in a bottle down the thin fluid hose into the bucket drops, when drops of water column pressure greater than venous pressure, and bottles of liquid along the tube into the vein.
Precision infusion for single use and what operation, single-use precision infusion method of operation:
Medical personnel before use, check sterilization of disposable infusion set validity and packaging are leak-free and other abnormalities, remove the infusion set, the conical connector is part of the infusion bottle, infusion bottle hanging on the infusion rod, flow from the exhaust gas to liquid infusion tube lower end, close the regulator, then intravenous needles into veins of the sterilizing, fixed up and untied the tourniquet, adjust the flow rate.
Use of health care workers are trained and know how to operate precision infusion for single use are, of course, no trained people, not free operation.