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Introduction Of High Pressure Syringes
May 25, 2017

High Pressure Syringes as medical imaging systems in the auxiliary equipment, with the X-ray machine, quick film machine, image intensifier and artificial contrast agent and the development of the gradual emergence. In the 1980s, there were automatic syringes for angiography, and Jonsson et al. Invented the stainless steel High Pressure Syringes using the lever principle. Soon after, Ake Gilund invented the first High Pressure Syringes and two-way film changer, and applied In angiography. Now, High Pressure Syringes have been widely used in a variety of angiography, CT enhanced angiography and MR enhanced scan.

Types of high pressure syringes:

Many types of High Pressure Syringes, according to the transmission is divided into two basic types: pneumatic and electric High Pressure Syringes. At present, multi-purpose programmable electric High Pressure Syringes, it is electric pump as the driving force, with electric pumping, graded injection. Driving motor by the clutch, reducer drive high efficiency ball screw drive injection piston injection, adjust the motor speed can change the injection pressure, so control the motor speed and action time, you can control the injection rate and injection volume. Synchronous exposure, overpressure and quantitative protection agent alarm system, direct control of injection speed, is the ideal High Pressure Syringes. According to the performance can be divided into pressure type syringe and flow rate syringe two categories. Pressure syringe is to adjust the pressure to control the speed of contrast agent injection, the disadvantage is that the contrast agent can not show the flow rate, and no flow rate protection device. The flow rate syringe has a regulated flow rate to control the injection rate of the contrast agent and has a pressure limit protection device. But the injection of contrast agent can not show the pressure, if the flow rate is not properly selected, the injection pressure can exceed the maximum, there is the risk of breakdown of the heart wall or blood vessels.

The new High Pressure Syringes using computer processing technology, with the computer free preparation of the injection program, automatically adjust the pressure to ensure the flow rate per unit time, use only need to set the flow rate and flow per second. Applicable to various types of catheter, can meet the various requirements of cardiovascular imaging.