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Introduction To Disposable Sterile MRI Syringes
Sep 26, 2017

Now the hospital for drug injection is generally used when the disposable MRI Syringes, disposable sterile MRI Syringes is a one-time use of a MRI Syringes, the following is a one-time use of sterile MRI Syringes related to the introduction.

Disposable use of sterile MRI Syringes for the human subcutaneous, flesh, muscle, vein and other injection, the main material, structure, performance is as follows:

First, the main material structure

Material and structure

Products from the jacket (polypropylene), the core rod (polypropylene), rubber piston (natural rubber), injection needle composition.

2, the main technical parameters and requirements

(1) body adhesion 300kpa and 3.0N force action rod 30S does not leak, 88kpa negative pressure 60 ± 5S does not leak, the piston rod is not separated;

(2) has good sliding performance.

Product implementation YZB / State 0573-2006 "One-time use of sterile MRI Syringes with needle" standard.