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Painless MRI Syringes
Oct 27, 2017

Painless MRI Syringes to avoid the phenomenon of leakage caused by needle injection (high pressure needleless MRI Syringes pressure, so that injection more quickly and accurately);

Painless MRI Syringes to overcome the fat pad, fat atrophy and other fat situation (spray injection, diffusion absorption, absorption curve closer to the physiological distribution of state);

Painless MRI Syringes will not have the phenomenon of infection (high pressure needleless and professional disinfection appliances to ensure a greater degree of aseptic operation, to avoid damage to skin infections);

Painless MRI Syringes reduce the initial use of treatment caused by the injection of edema caused by the phenomenon (atomization of the jet into the skin, the scope of a larger, better absorption more quickly, to avoid the initial patients due to injection of a large number of edema caused by the phenomenon);

Painless MRI Syringes drug injection dose is accurate (0.01ml adjustable);

Painless MRI Syringes do not need to wash and wash, easy to learn (the previous needleless pen every two weeks need to wash and wash once);

Painless MRI Syringes small size, easy to carry, vision defects in patients can also use;

Painless MRI Syringes to eliminate the occurrence of needle puncture accident;

Painless MRI Syringes can be used with a variety of drugs and vaccines.