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Provisions On Disposable MRI Syringes
Sep 26, 2017

Disposable MRI Syringes can not be arbitrarily discarded after use, the general hospital for the use of MRI Syringes have a certain system of regulation, the specific system generally contains the following points.

1, vaccination units should be responsible for disposable MRI Syringes disinfection work.

2, the establishment of a disposable syringe transfer or purchase, use, destruction of records, records should be a complete record, the account match.

3, vaccination should be used using a disposable syringe.

4, the use of disposable MRI Syringes for vaccination, must be strictly enforced "one by one needle and one with a destruction" system.

5, the grass-roots unit of the staff in the use of disposable MRI Syringes should check the syringe packaging is intact and within the validity period, the packaging has been damaged or has exceeded the validity of the product shall not be used.

6, to complete the vaccination, should be used after the disposable MRI Syringes made of sturdy material made of anti-punctured safety collection containers (safety box), and in the next vaccination before the deal. Repetitive use of disposable MRI Syringes is strictly prohibited.

7, after the use of disposable MRI Syringes can be used to destroy the shape of the destroyer, or the use of hand-destructive shape of the needle, syringe separation, the needle can be directly into the thorn container or pliers with bent more than 90 degrees, syringe with pliers Cut off the nipple, with effective chlorine 1000mg / L disinfectant soak for 60 minutes or more.

The final unified disposal of the destruction, burning or buried the way to deal with to ensure the one-time use of the syringe.