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Since The Principle Of Syringes
Mar 04, 2017

1, bite. In a front-end or back-end of the syringe, with occlusion device. Injection is complete, the occlusion setting causes the push rod and piston cannot pull back, forcing the lock, achieve the goal of self destruction disposable.
2, piston damage. Hidden in the piston PIN or other settings, puncture or damage the piston after injection is complete, thus losing rubber plug gas tightness, to self-destruct purposes.
3, Ratchet back. Push rod is provided with ratchet, locking ring clamp on the rod, locking Barb barbed to coat the cylinder wall on the ring structure, putting led locking ring can only moved forward, after injection of complete self-locking.
4, lock, failure modes (improved type occlusion). This syringe is similar to bite, the difference is, the card locks device is provided with a weak point or, after the injection of achieving self-locking, powerful back putter, card locks used in the weak point or rupture, thus undermining the syringe of air tightness, ensure the syringe cannot be used again.
5, the Pistons fell off. After the injection is complete, separate from the rod of the piston, the Pistons stayed put in the barrel and self-destruction.
6, Down front end damage. Coat the front there are weak points, injection is completed, located in front of the piston set damaged coat, it cannot be used again, and self-destruct purposes.