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The New Automatic High Pressure Syringes Is Put Into Use In Our Hospital CT Room
Jul 21, 2017

Recently, the new automatic high pressure syringes has been put into use in our hospital CT room, can be used to do the heart, chest and abdomen, head and neck and limbs and other parts of the enhanced scan and vascular cta angiography.

Automatic High Pressure Syringes to do the application of CT enhanced scan is becoming increasingly popular, especially the spiral CT and high pressure syringes in combination, the application of spiral CT scanning speed, can accurately track the flow of contrast agents to improve the dynamic detection of arteriovenous lesions, For the lesion location, qualitative and differential diagnosis provides a wealth of image information.

CT enhanced scan is a good way to determine the lesion is good, malignant, found hidden lesions and other effective examination methods. Traditional speed often difficult to control, speed uneven, blood flow, contrast contrast agent signal fluctuations, easy to produce overlapping effects, moving and other illusions, enhance the effect of instability , Can not guarantee that each patient is enhanced to obtain satisfactory image data; due to high injection rate may cause vascular rupture, too low intravascular contrast agent concentration is low, affecting image quality. Now use the automatic high pressure syringes to automatically control the injection speed and dose, and to maintain accurate and stable. To ensure that the intravascular contrast agent through the period of sufficient strength and smooth the peak time, and achieved good imaging results. In addition, the use of automatic High Pressure Syringes to do CT enhanced scan, easy to operate, fast, while the staff to avoid sometimes accompanied by the patient around the injection with unnecessary radiation.

In short, based on automatic High Pressure Syringes have a variety of advantages, it overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional push injection to ensure the enhanced effect and image quality stability, to avoid unnecessary enhancements caused by misery misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, The implementation of operating procedures, the use of automatic High Pressure Syringes to do CT enhanced scan, after all, a more ideal inspection method.