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The Origin Of High Pressure Syringes
Jun 07, 2017

High Pressure Syringes product performance and composition of the main performance: the maximum flow rate of 25.0ml / sec, the maximum flow of 99.9ml, the maximum pressure of 1000psi, a total of angiography, perfusion, CT and try injection four models. Structure and composition: The instrument consists of injection head, bracket, control display, power box, angiography manual switch, CT manual switch, foot switch and cable composition.

Product Scope of application: for angiography contrast agent injection, can also be used for CT angiography contrast agent injection.

The High Pressure Syringes consists of a syringe with a small hole at the front end and a matching piston stem. The syringe is used to inject a small amount of liquid or its injection into areas that are inaccessible to other methods or from those places. When the mandrel is pulled out, the liquid or gas is sucked from the tip of the barrel, and the liquid or gas is extruded when the mandrel is pushed in. The process of extracting or injecting gas or liquid with a syringe and needle is called injection.

According to medical history books, High Pressure Syringes appear in the initial form of enema. China's Han Dynasty physician Zhang Zhongjing in his "Treatise on the" (written in the year 219) "Yangming whole chapter" wrote: "Yangming disease, sweating, if sweating, urinary selfish, Exhaustion, if hard to attack, when the need for their own stool, should honey fried and pass. If the soil melon and large pig bile, can be guided. "In this book" pig bile side "in a clear Pointed out: "a large pig gall bladder, diarrhea and vinegar a little to Valley Road (anus), such as a food are, when the stool, travel food is very effective." How "Valley Road" it? He wrote: "to small bamboo tube ... ... into the valley in." This small tube is the enema - the prototype of the syringe.

High Pressure Syringes are often used in conjunction with subcutaneous injection needles to inject or remove liquid or gas into the body tissue. They can also be used for medical devices, containers, such as some of the scientific instruments in the chromatography through the rubber diaphragm injection. The injection of gas into the blood vessels will cause air embolism. Remove the air from the syringe to avoid embolization by inverting the syringe, tapping lightly, and then squeezing a little liquid before injecting it into the bloodstream.

In the case of some precision, rather than the primary consideration of the pathogen, such as quantitative chemical analysis, due to the smaller error of the glass syringe, the push rod moves smoothly so that it is still in use.

You can also inject some juice into the meat with a syringe to improve the taste and texture when you are cooking meat, or into the pastry when baked. The syringe can also add ink to the cartridge.