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The Principle Of Sealing The Whole Glass MRI Syringes
Oct 12, 2017

All glass MRI Syringes is divided into two parts: the first half is the liquid, the middle is the piston, the latter half is sealed high pressure chamber (providing injection power to push the piston injection of the former liquid).

The needle head of the MRI Syringes is sewn on a small rubber stopper and has a blocking effect before launch. The tail of the MRI Syringes has a tail that acts as a stabilizer, and after the launch of the needle, the needle is pierced by contact with the target animal Rubber stopper, animal skin to reach the muscle layer (needle plug is released), and then the high pressure air behind the syringe to push the piston to the liquid into the animal muscle, play a therapeutic or anesthetic effect.

The MRI Syringes consists of a MRI Syringes with a small hole at the front end and a matching piston stem that is used to draw a small amount of liquid or its injection into areas that are not accessible to other methods or from those places. When the mandrel is pulled out, Or the gas is drawn from the small hole in the front end of the syringe and the liquid or gas is extruded when the mandrel is pushed in.

MRI Syringes can also be used in medical devices, containers, such as some of the scientific instruments in the chromatography through the rubber diaphragm injection. The injection of gas into the blood vessels will cause air embolism. Remove the air from the MRI Syringes to avoid embolization by inverting the syringe, tapping lightly, and then squeezing a little liquid before injecting it into the bloodstream.

In the case of some precision rather than the primary consideration of the pathogen, such as quantitative chemical analysis, due to the smaller error of the glass MRI Syringes, the push rod moves smoothly so that it is still in use.

In addition, the plunger in the MRI Syringes is allowed to move along the MRI Syringes within a certain range, and the movement of the plunger caused by the pressure change during the storage and sale process may potentially affect the integrity of the seal when in a low pressure environment. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the integrity of the plunger seal under these special conditions.