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The Significance Of CT Enhanced Scan Application Of High Pressure Syringes
Jun 20, 2017

With the increase of medical level, the application of High Pressure Syringes in CT enhanced scanning is becoming more and more popular, but it is worthy of further study how to use it better and use it to improve our image diagnosis. Our hospital since 2001 to introduce the first single tube high pressure syringes, in 2008 and the introduction of the double tube high pressure syringes. More than ten years, the use of High Pressure Syringes to do a lot of enhanced cases, there are a lot of experience, summed up a lot of experience, discussed as follows:

CT in the domestic application is currently quite popular, the body parts of the body can do CT scan, a medical diagnosis is a very important tool. CT imaging is performed when the contrast agent is not injected, called the plain scan. To enhance the difference between the density of diseased tissue and normal tissue, CT scan images are more clear, provide more diagnostic information for some diseases such as vascular diseases, brain, chest, abdomen and other benign and malignant tumors, chest and abdomen Aneurysm, adrenal gland and bladder prostatic disease in the CT plane at the same time, need to intravenous contrast agent immediately after or after a certain time delay and then CT scan, that is, enhanced scan. Clinical practice has fully demonstrated that enhanced scanning significantly improves the resolution and diagnostic accuracy of certain organ CT examinations, especially small lesions, which are more likely to be missed due to density. CT enhanced scan can increase the density difference, thus improving the detection rate. With the progress of the times, technology development, high-performance high-speed multi-row spiral CT was pushed to the market, more and more hospitals have this many advantages of multi-row spiral CT. Multi-slice spiral CT scanning speed, in the enhanced scan can capture arterial phase, portal vein, venous phase, etc., that is, a scan can choose to obtain single, double or even multi-phase enhanced images, which for small lesions detected Very important role. Previously used conventional push injection methods, often missed the best results of vascular arterial scan time. To give full play to the multi-slice spiral CT scanning speed, in a scan can choose to obtain single, double or even multi-phase enhanced image characteristics, must be equipped with high pressure syringes. In many new technologies of multi-slice spiral CT, it is necessary to control the rate and dose of contrast injection when CT is enhanced. Therefore, it is very important to use high-pressure syringe to inject contrast agent in CT scan.