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The Use Of High Pressure Connector Tubes Requirements
May 25, 2017

High Pressure Connector Tubes mainly by the die, jacket, rubber layer and wire layer and other components.

High Pressure Connector Tubes are used in hydraulic supports, and each rack is used in about 10-30 units. Therefore, the structure, use and connection of High Pressure Connector Tubes will directly affect the stability of the stent.

The use of High Pressure Connector Tubes is as follows:

(1) should be used before checking the model, the length of compliance with the requirements, and do the sampling pressure test, qualified before use.

(2) check the pipe joints and hose connection with or without exposed wire, the outer layer is present, the industrial dryer if the above phenomenon shall not be used.

(3) the connection of the end of the pipe joints shall not be damaged and fall off, there may not be used to fall off, so as not to seal the lumen.

(4) The newly installed hose should be cleaned on the inner wall of the pipe so that the glue and debris enter the hydraulic system.

The connection requirements for High Pressure Connector Tubes are as follows:

(1) should be connected to prevent the hose to reverse, so as not to cause the skeleton layer to change its early damage.

(2) after connecting the hose length should be left a certain margin, so as to avoid the role of tension caused by changes in hose length and reduce the pressure capacity.

(3) The fixed clip of the hose should be placed on the straight line of the curve and the intersection of the straight line. The clip can not deform the hose card, nor can it be too loose.

(4) When connecting moving parts, leave a sufficient length to avoid straining the hose during exercise.

(5) The bending radius of the connection shall comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations.