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Comparison of hand pushing method with High Pressure Syringes
Jul 21, 2017

Selection of contrast agents: Because of the safety of non-ionic contrast agents, the side effects are small, as preferred drugs such as Omnipaque, Ultravist and Iopamiro. However, these contrast agents are more expensive, using the advantages of high pressure syringes, the appropriate control of the speed and reduce the dose and get more satisfactory results.

Dosage and Velocity of Contrast Agent: Based on the control of the speed and dose of the contrast agent, the traditional bolus method (Bolus method) or the mixing method (Bolus method and rapid infusion method) is based. Such as the line of the general chest and abdomen all enhanced scan, contrast agent dosage 80ml, we set up two High Pressure Syringes. For the skull and simple kidney scan, because the former scan layer is often less. Reduce the amount of contrast agent to 50ml, one-time injection immediately after the scan. For those patients who are particularly obese, the dosage of the contrast agent can be appropriately increased.


Compared with the High Pressure Syringes hand push method advantages: it is beneficial to observe the patient, especially critically ill patients, infants and young children, the patient is relatively safe. Disadvantages: contrast agent sticky, the injection rate can not be kept uniform, if the injection and scanning at the same time the injection by the X-ray irradiation, injection began to scan, missed the best time of arterial phase, intravascular contrast agent concentration to maintain a short time.

The advantages of High Pressure Syringes: to ensure that scanning and intravenous contrast agent synchronization, High Pressure Syringes injection rate, injection dose can be pre-programmed free choice for vascular dynamic scanning, High Pressure Syringes with automatic heating device can reduce adverse reactions to stimulate. Disadvantages: the use of High Pressure Syringes, contrast agent into the blood vessels within the faster rate, and in the injection process began to scan, is not conducive to observation of the patient's response, and most of the allergic reaction occurs in the rapid medication process, blood vessels easily rupture leakage.

Enhancement effect and allergic reactions: hand push method shows poor vascular enhancement, not easy to distinguish between lesions and vascular structure, allergic reaction is relatively light. The use of high pressure syringes, as long as the case of non-leakage, enhance the effect of up to 100%. Observations show that increasing the injection rate helps to obtain the desired enhanced image. The faster the injection rate is, the higher the incidence of drug allergy is, and the allergic reaction is also heavier.