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Vacuum Forming Machine Blistering Equipment
Jul 01, 2017

The following is the composition of the plastic vacuum forming machine equipment and its role briefly:

First, clamping equipment

 When the plastic sheet is formed, the sheet is fixed to the clamping device. In the thermoforming universal and composite thermoforming machine, it is easy to fix the clamping device of various sizes. Some of the entire vacuum forming machine with a set of clamping frame. The same time as the above-

Clamping devices can be divided into two categories: one is the frame type, the other is the sub-valve type. The frame clamp consists of upper and lower frames. The sheet is sandwiched between the two frames. When the frame is opened, the lower frame is generally held in a fixed condition. Various types of single-station vacuum forming machine on the lower part of the frame directly fixed in the molding room. Manual and semi-automatic molding machines, which are removed from the parison and finished product, are fitted with safety operating means within the frame opening range when the dimensions of the frame are large. For the larger slippage of the forming slab, the clamping force is required to be adjusted within a wide range. For this purpose, two wrapping rollers are used to press each other with a spring and are equipped with a pressure regulating device. Continuous pull sheet molding machine clamping is the two sides of the zipper and the front and rear brake together. The same time as the above-

The clamping device is preferably equipped with automatic control, with a view to rapid action, can help improve the quality and efficiency of parts. The same time as the above-

Second, heating equipment

Thermoplastic sheet and film vacuum forming process, one of the main process is the sheet heating. The duration and quality of the electric heating depends on the structure of the heater, the thermal inertia of the heat transfer after the radiation surface, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the radiant energy absorption coefficient, the characteristics of the heater surface, and the thermal and physical properties of the material. Commonly used heaters are electric heaters, crystal radiators and infrared heaters. The same time as the above-

Third, vacuum equipment

The vacuum system consists of vacuum pump, gas tank, valve, pipe and vacuum table, etc., in the vacuum molding often use a separate model vacuum pump, the vacuum of this pump should reach 0.07 ~ 0.09 Mpa (520mmHg) above. The gas tank is generally a cylindrical box welded with a thin steel plate, the bottom is oval. The capacity of the tank should be at least half the capacity of the largest molding chamber. Vacuum lines must be fitted with suitable valves to control the vacuum in a narrow capacity. The same time as the above-

The rotational power of the vacuum pump is determined by the size of the forming equipment and the forming speed, and the equipment with the larger or faster forming speed is as large as 2-4KW. The size of the vacuum central system depends on the specific production and development requirements of the plant. The same time as the above-

Fourth, compressed air equipment

Pneumatic system by the molding machine itself with a compressor, gas tank, workshop main road set, valves and other components. Vacuum molding machine needs pressure of 0.4-0.5MPa of compressed air, a variety of plastic vacuum forming machine widely used piston air compressor. You can also use large-scale screw air compressor whole plant supply. The same time as the above-

Compressed air in addition to a large number should be formed, but also when a part for stripping, the primary product of the external cooling and manipulation of the mold frame and the operation of the movement of the sheet and other mechanical power. The same time as the above-

Fifth, cooling equipment

In order to improve production efficiency, vacuum molding machine plastic products before stripping often need to be cooled. Ideally, the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece in contact with the mold are cooled, and it is preferable to use a mold in which the cooling coil is built. For non-metallic molds, such as wood, gypsum, glass fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy resin and other mold, can not be used for water cooling, can be changed to air-cooled, and additional water mist to cool the vacuum forming machine The The same time as the above-

If the use of natural cooling can be obtained in the annealing parts, is conducive to improving the impact resistance of parts. Although the water production efficiency is high, but the workpiece stress.