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What Are Single-use Syringes In General
Mar 04, 2017

Single-use syringe is medical waste, not with General rubbish like discarded, placed in garbage cans to people recycling. Medical generally centralized harmless treatment of garbage, including incineration, of destroying buried after disinfection, incineration. When you use the safety box burning, the temperature should reach more than 800 ° c, in order to reduce air pollution if no security box, you can also use the temperature (300 ° C~400 ° c) lower burn. Areas without destroying machines and burned, burned deep methods can be used.
Here to remind everyone, recycling of disposable syringes should not arbitrarily well, disposable syringes will be some drug residues are cleaned is not clean, so be sure to pay attention to, can not be ignored, use can be, this is not allowed.